BeagleY-AI Pinout


Orientate your BeagleY-AI with the GPIO on the right and the HDMI port(s) on the left.

(*) Denotes pins that differ in functionality on BeagleY-AI as compared to Raspberry Pi 4/5


The BeagleY-AI GPIO pinout guide.

This GPIO Pinout is an interactive reference to the BeagleY-AI GPIO pins, and a guide to the BeagleY-AI's GPIO interfaces. Pinout also includes hundreds of pinouts for BeagleY-AI add-on boards, HATs and pHATs.

What do these numbers mean?

  • GPIO - General Purpose Input/Output, aka "BCM" or "Broadcom". These are the big numbers, e.g. "GPIO 22". You'll use these with RPi.GPIO and GPIO Zero.
  • Physical - or "Board" correspond to the pin's physical location on the header. These are the small numbers next to the header, e.g. "Physical Pin 15".
  • SoC - or "Schematic" pins that match the actual processor. These are shown as a tooltip when you mouse over a pin.

What's the orientation of this pinout?

Pinout depicts pin 1 in the top left corner. Pin 1 is the only pin with a square solder pad, which may only be visible from the underside of your BeagleY-AI. If you orient your BeagleY-AI such that you are looking at the top with the GPIO on the right and HDMI port(s) on the left, your orientation will match Pinout.

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